Never-ending Story.

Just when I think that I’m starting to get to the bottom of all the kids’ medical issues…

there’s another diagnosis.

Another concern to address. Another problem that needs to be fixed.

We are still waiting on the results of Daegan’s second stim test, although at this point we’re pretty sure the outcome will be the same as Bronx’s.

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In the meantime though, his ophthalmologist has determined that he is farsighted and that his vision has gotten worse in the past six months.

That means our little guy, at seventeen months, is now sporting glasses.

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He won’t be the only one with eye wear in the house for long though. At Kamryn’s kindergarten vision exam, we found out that he is also extremely farsighted. He will be getting glasses soon as well.

Daegan is still in developmental and physical therapy. While he is making amazing progress with his therapists, he still isn’t walking. He recently was fitted with small braces to help better align his feet and ankles. They have Elmo all over them, so we have started referring to them as his “Elmos”.

copyright - suburban princess diaries

Bronx is still receiving his nightly injections of growth hormone. We recently found out that he also has Sensory Processing Disorder, a diagnosis that finally helped us understand all of his unusual behaviors. He is working with an occupational therapist as well as a developmental and a physical therapist to help with the SPD and to address some other delays that are most likely related to his dwarfism. He has just been fitted for a set of “Elmos” too…although he opted for the Batman design so we will probably be calling them his “Batmans”.

Obviously, with all of this comes countless doctor’s visits and therapy appointments, and that’s not counting all the routine vaccinations, well-baby checks, or anything else we may have going on around here. Our days are so overscheduled it’s ridiculous. I have to keep everything on a paper calendar and in my iPhone just to keep it all straight. Even then, I have still had problems with double booking or missing something entirely.

At this point, I’m amazed that I can get anywhere at all…

Even if it’s always five to ten minutes late.

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