The Thin Blue Line.

Four weeks ago, my husband had a vasectomy.

Funny thing though. Despite what you might assume, vasectomies do not equal immediate sterility.

It actually can take a few months for a man to clear out all the remaining sperm.

Since I just gave birth, we assumed that this wouldn’t be a big deal because chances were slim to none that I would ovulate before his sperm count dropped to zero.

In theory, we were thinking that I would probably become fertile right around the same time that he became completely infertile.

So, we did something stupid.

Several times.

And two weeks later, when I started experiencing symptoms similar to the ones I had when we discovered I was pregnant with Novalee, we started suspecting the unexpected.

So I ran out and bought a box of pregnancy tests.

3 minutes later, I was looking at this:

copyright - suburban princess diaries

An ever-so-faint, but undeniably blue test line.

A line that even my husband, the doubter of barely-there lines, could see.

He stomped out of the bathroom, swearing under is breath.

I just stood there in shock. Thoughts racing.

Is it even possible to be pregnant again with a seven-week-old baby who exclusively breastfeeds and a husband who is three weeks post vasectomy?

The odds had to be akin to winning the lottery, or getting struck by lightening.

So we waited to test again. 48 long hours later I took two more tests.

copyright - suburban princess diaries

Both of which were clearly negative.

So what happened?

Those evil blue dye tests happened. They gave me the mother of all evaporation lines. One that appeared within the test’s time limit and that was blue. (In contrast, most evaporation lines are gray and appear well after the time limit.)

Easier to mistake for a false positive than an evap.

I have heard rumors before about the blue dye tests being notorious for evaporation lines from hell, but I had never seen an evap look like that.

And the last time I thought I was looking at evaporation lines, I ended up actually being pregnant. The lines had been ridiculously faint positives.

Although, those had been pink-dye tests.

The moral of the story is that blue-dye tests are obviously capable of lying and can’t be trusted.

If you find yourself in a bathroom with a box of those little tricksters, proceed with caution.

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