Moment of Truth.

Has the suspense been killing you?

Me too. And don’t even ask about all the hyperventilating my husband has been doing.

It’s been quite the roller coaster of emotions around here.

My best friend told me that the test looked exactly like her last early BFP.

In fact, that conversation (via text) went something like this:

 copyright - suburban princess diaries

And my online poll has topped out at 103 positive votes and only nine negative.

copyright - suburban princess diaries

The masses that have seen my HPT are betting that I am indeed pregnant again.

And I have to admit, since the line, although faint, came out looking completely solid and pink, it’s hard to fathom that it could be an evaporation line.

Like I said before, up until the blue-dye mayhem that occurred a few weeks back, I had never seen a real evaporation line in my entire life.

What is equally compelling is that all my truly negative tests from the same box taken weeks before have still stayed negative. No evaporation lines whatsoever.

All this evidence was staring me in the face and making me nervous. I started to feel nauseous.

Anxiety, right? Or …was it the beginnings of morning sickness?

I know some of you suggested I head straight to the doctor for a blood draw.

But, the thought of having to ask my OB for a beta was nerve-wracking. I could not face him a mere two months after giving birth to my fourth child in four and a half years to request a pregnancy test.

The possibility of Duggar jokes and “Are you crazy?” lectures made me cringe.

And forget even thinking about what I will do if I have to head back there in a few weeks for my first prenatal appointment. Especially since, at my six week postpartum visit (four weeks ago!) the doctor had warned me about the vasectomy not being immediately effective.

Oh, the shame!

I went out and bought more tests.

And then I waited another excruciating 48 hours.

Only to find out that this:copyright - suburban princess diaries

copyright - suburban princess diaries

is the most positive-looking negative test I have ever seen in my life.

Yes, Virginia. This is an evaporation line.

On a pink-dye, First Response Early Result.

Contrary to popular belief, they do exist.

Can someone tell me why now, after a decade and hundreds of non-problematic HPT’s, I have seen two crazy evaporation lines in the past two weeks?

Must be really bad luck.

Which I must have in spades right now, considering I’m sitting here typing this post with a massive head cold, a 101 degree fever and a painfully raging case of mastitis.

(un)Lucky me!

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