Evaporation Nation

A few weeks back, I had a bad experience with an awful blue-dye HPT.

I had never had an evaporation line on a pregnancy test before, and despite all my BFP’s, I have had many negative tests in the past.

Which is why the blue evaporation line I saw really messed with my head.

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I mean, come on! It’s even blue!

The pink-dye tests I took later, confirmed that the blue-dye monster was indeed negative.

Crisis averted.

Fast forward to two weeks later. I start waking up nauseous, I start having weird spotting issues, I start feeling like…

…like I might be pregnant?

Under normal circumstances, I probably would have pushed the ridiculous idea right out of my head. It was impossible, really. My husband had a vasectomy and we are getting farther and farther past the window of residual sperm lingering behind. I just had a baby nine weeks ago. There is no way that I could be back in the fertility game this soon.

Except, it has happened before…well, the ovulating soon after childbirth part, anyways.

Maybe it was just really improbable, but not totally impossible.

I had one First Response Early Result (FRER) leftover after confirming the blue-dye test disaster, so I took it.

Seriously, it was practically begging me.

And it looked as negative as the others, so I tossed it.

Only to go back later (I know I shouldn’t have…but rules, shumules!) and find a line.

It was way over the 3 minute time limit, so I wanted to call it an evaporation line and move on with my life.

Except, while the blue-dye tests are notorious for evaps, they aren’t so common on the FRER’s.

I have never seen one. And I’m assuming by now that I have probably taken at least a hundred of them over the past decade. And not all of them were positive.

Unlike the blue-dye tests, which before a few weeks ago, I had taken maybe three in my entire life. And all of them were positives.

I did what any POAS-aholic would do. I busted out my old tests from two weeks ago for comparison. (Why I save these things, I don’t know! It’s so weird…although I bet I’m not the only freakshow out there.)

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The bottom test was my negative from the blue-dye fiasco. A true negative test, with not even a hint of a line, evaporation or otherwise - a whole two weeks later.

At the top is my recent test, about a day after it was taken, with a faint line.

I wanted to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, and I wanted to see if anyone else would consider this a positive over an evap. So I posted it on a HPT voting page.

Obsessive, I know.

So far, here are the results:

copyright - suburban princess diaries Same test as the one above, just zoomed in and photographed in my other bathroom with different lighting.

As of right now, 87 people think I’m knocked up.

I’m still on the fence…

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