Back to the Bronx

After two years of searching, we finally have some answers.

After seeing multiple specialists and enduring endless tests, Bronx finally started getting closer to having a diagnosis when the initial labs and x-rays ordered by his endocrinologist came back with red flags when he went for his first visit last November.

That led to even more testing.

More specifically, testing to check for growth hormone levels, which consisted of spending an entire day at the hospital. During the stay, Bronx was injected with a drug to stimulate his growth hormone response and then his blood was drawn at regular intervals over the next several hours through an IV.

He went through two awful rounds of this using two different drugs. We spent one test day on the pediatric floor of the hospital and the other in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

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Long story short, he failed both of those tests.

Then he underwent a brain MRI to rule out any pituitary abnormalities. Thankfully, the results for that came back normal.

And now we finally have a diagnosis. A solid explanation for why our little man just won’t grow.

Bronx has Growth Hormone Deficiency.

Unfortunately, because Bronx’s body does not make enough growth hormones to grow on his own, we had to start giving him nightly growth hormone injections.

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Not exactly something we wanted to incorporate into his bedtime routine.

Bronx isn’t too thrilled about it either.

The worst part is that he will have to continue these injections until he stops growing, which may be for next twenty years or so.

Poor kid.

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Right now, at 2 1/2 years old, he weighs 21 pounds and he is 32 inches tall.

He just started the injection treatment.

It will be interesting to see how his growth picks up once these hormones start working.

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