More answers. Even more questions.

Bronx went and saw an endocrinologist last week for the first time.

It seemed like a fairly routine doctor’s visit. We went over his medical history and the doctor ordered some blood work and an x-ray.

Both proved to be tough for my little guy. I wasn’t allowed to accompany him to his x-ray because I’m pregnant, so against all my motherly instincts, I had to hand him over to the technician in the waiting room.

Then he had an awful blood draw. He got stuck in both arms because they couldn’t get enough out of just one arm. He screamed and cried and ultimately ended up with a nasty hematoma. It was horrible.

And then, today, we received the results of his tests in the mail.

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Not only does our Bronx not weigh very much (19 pounds at almost 2 and a half), his bone growth is delayed too.

His bone age, determined by the x-ray, is that of a one year-old.

Some of his blood work came back abnormal as well, but since I’m not a medical professional, I couldn’t interpret most of it. The only part I was able to decipher mentioned that he has a low insulin-like growth factor.

I’m not sure what any of this means at this point. I do know that the findings must be of some significance because we were not scheduled to see this same doctor again for another four months, but according to the report the doctor now wants to see him again in the next two to four weeks.

So until then, the mystery continues to unfold.

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