Prince or Princess?

That Level II ultrasound that I had last week wasn’t all about unsettling findings.

The 70/30 gender odds that we were given during my previous ultrasound was just too much of a temptation. We HAD to find out the sex of this baby.

copyright - suburban princess diaries

So we told the tech that we wanted to know.

And the first thing she did was try to get a shot of the goods.

I saw it right away and before she had the chance to say it aloud, I knew that the previous tech had been right with his 70% sure guess.

This tech said that she would say 100% sure, but since she’s not allowed to say that for liability reasons, we had to go with 99.9%.

So now we have official confirmation that…

copyright - suburban princess diaries 

It’s a GIRL!

And because I had to have proof… I got this.

copyright - suburban princess diaries

She circled the “three lines” (that’s the girl parts) and she even typed out the word “girl”.

I think it’s a pretty sure thing.

We’re finally getting a princess!

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