The Final IntelliGender Experiment.

I finally got a chance to take the third test that I received from IntelliGender.

A test that I was only taking because I had already taken two tests during this pregnancy with very different results.

This third test was going to be the tiebreaker.

Just to recap:

Test #1 predicted I was having a girl.

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Test #2 predicted a boy.

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At this point, I was really starting to think that maybe the accurate results that I had gotten with the two tests during my last pregnancy were just a fluke. With two different results for the same pregnancy, it was beginning to look like I had inadvertently proven that IntelliGender was a 50/50 thing. A product of junk science that wasn’t any more reliable than flipping a coin.

But then, I found out just a couple of days after taking the second test that I had a UTI/kidney infection.

And that there was a significant amount of blood in my urine.

So I had to wait for the infection and the antibiotics that I had to take for it to clear out of my system before I could take the third test.

During that wait, I had the ultrasound that confirmed I am having a girl.

I knew going into the third test that the initial IntelliGender prediction had been correct. Which made me wonder if that false boy result had occurred because of all the blood in my urine.

I took the third test the day after my course of antibiotics ended.

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It gave me another girl result, which leads me to believe that my theory is correct.

I think that there is some degree of validity to the IntelliGender test.

Out of a total of five tests across two different pregnancies with fetuses of different genders, four of the tests (two for each pregnancy) have yielded accurate results.

The only time I had an inaccurate result, there was something in my urine that quite possibly could have interfered with the test.

And considering the fact that UTI’s are quite common in pregnancy, I’m wondering if this is something that contributes to at least some of the results being wrong for some women.

With that in mind, my conclusion is that if the test directions are followed precisely and there is nothing out of the ordinary present in the urine sample, the outcome of the test should be pretty reliable.

I think that they have finally made the skeptic in me a believer.

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