Entertaining the Laws of Probability.

I ended up at the hospital last week after having some scary preterm labor issues.

After a lovely overnight stay filled with blood tests, ultrasounds and intravenous drugs, the doctor on call finally concluded that I had a UTI-turned-kidney infection.

And that was causing me to have contractions.

In the process of solving that mystery, something unexpected happened.

The ultrasound tech gave me his opinion about the baby’s gender.

And he said he was 70% sure that the baby is a…

copyright - suburban princess diaries

copyright- suburban princess diaries

copyright- suburban princess diaries

Well, I’m not going to say which gender he was 70% in favor of.

Because 70% isn’t exactly a sure thing.

What’s weird is that I have never had an ultrasound tech give me a percentage. They’ve always just called out the baby’s sex with confidence. Or simply said that they couldn’t tell.

This newest revelation, in addition to the conflicting Intelligender tests, has really started to make my head spin.

I think I’m going to have to find out  now…

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