Why I Don’t Want to Know.

Yes. You read that right.

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A huge (and growing) part of me does not want to find out the gender of this baby until I am in the delivery room.

And it’s not for the reason that you might think.

Because despite what IntelliGender has predicted, I still think that there is a very real possibility that we could be having yet another beautiful, bouncing baby boy.

And I am perfectly fine with that.

Even though I already have three little boys, I am genuinely excited to be expecting another addition to our family, regardless of gender.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like anyone else is going to be as unconditionally accepting of this baby as my husband and I are.


It’s still hard for me to believe the way that people are reacting to the news of my pregnancy with our fourth child.

Because whenever we have announced it, the first question out of everyone’s mouth is if we know what we are having.

And when we tell them no, they always tell me that they hope (or they “just know”) that it’s a girl this time.

Which makes me realize that when I do reveal the gender to those who are curious, things are going to go one of two ways.

Either I’m having a girl and it’s going to be one great big party…

Or I’m having a boy and people are going to inevitably say “Oh no! Not another one!”. tell me how sorry they are and give me sympathy.

Like someone died.

And I can’t handle that.

I can’t handle the fact that other people might be disappointed if my baby is the “wrong” gender.

The pressure on me to produce a baby girl this time around is just too ridiculous.

It makes me not want to find out. My anatomy scan is just weeks away and I am fairly certain that I do not want the ultrasound technician to tell me the sex of the baby.

Because if I don’t know, then I don’t have to tell anyone.

And in this situation, ignorance really does seem more like bliss.

The IntelliGender Verdict is in!

Ready for a little more bathroom chemistry?

I know I am!

Lucky for me, IntelliGender was nice enough to let me review their Gender Prediction Test again for this pregnancy.

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This test is fascinating to me. It’s a simple urine test that claims to be 90% accurate (in laboratory trials) at predicting the gender of your baby as early as 10 weeks.

I admit, I was skeptical the first time I tried this during my last pregnancy.

Skeptical…until I found out that my result turned out to be completely accurate.

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Although, even after the ultrasound confirmed that the IntelliGender test had been right, the cynical side of me still had doubts.

Until I took the test a second time. And got the same results.

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And several months later I did indeed give birth to this little (all boy) bundle of joy…

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Now that I’m pregnant yet again, I was beyond excited to have the chance to use this test one more time. (It is just so much fun!)

I took it at 14 weeks. I got up early in the morning, followed the instructions exactly and then spent the next five minutes trying not to peek and anxiously awaiting the results.

Even though I was fairly sure that I knew what those results were going to be.

But then IntelliGender said that I am having a…

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I couldn’t believe it.

I took a bunch of pictures of the result and I analyzed the bottle and all of the photos several times. I was so surprised by the outcome that I started to think that maybe I was misreading the results.

Just to be absolutely sure, I did a side-by-side comparison of my “boy” results from my last pregnancy and my “girl” results from this one.

copyright-suburban princess diaries

I’m pretty sure at this point that my color interpretations are correct.

Let’s just say that this has just made things a lot more interesting.

Especially since, given our track record, the hubby and I were practically assuming that this new baby was a boy until proven otherwise.

Maybe our assumptions are wrong.

I guess we will know soon enough…

Dissecting the Digital.

Ah, yes. The mad scientist in me has returned.

(Insert crazy, maniacal laugh here).

This really shouldn’t be much of a surprise. You had to have known from my previous experiments that once I wound up pregnant again it would only be a matter of time before I turned my bathroom back into a makeshift laboratory.

It seems that I have a slight addiction to at-home pseudo-chemistry.

So, for this round of science fun, I decided to take apart my digital pregnancy tests.

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Something that the instructions tell you to NEVER, EVER do.

The reasoning behind this is that most women (including myself) will endlessly scrutinize the results of their HPT’s, until their eyes start to burn from staring at the stick. This is why the standard line tests are so much fun. The lines (or lack thereof) can sometimes be open to interpretation.

The digital is much more straightforward. It has a readout that says “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant”. It eliminates the lines and the ambiguity that comes with them.

No room for interpretation. No fun.

But...crack open a digital and you will find a strip. With those fun little lines.

The instructions that come with the test state that the lines are meaningless. They can only be read by the test. The word result that comes up in the window is the only one you should rely on.

That said, I’ve read many internet posts where women who have gotten a “Not Pregnant” readout on a digital test have not heeded the instruction’s warnings and opened up the stick to find a strip with two lines…

…Which inevitably leads to a lot of false hope.

Two lines? That usually means pregnant. So maybe the test is positive but the digital readout just isn’t picking up the second line.

It seems logical. But the instructions don’t lie. There is no way to determine a positive or negative result on a digital just by looking at the lines.

I have proof.

Both times I took the test, at the beginning of this pregnancy, the digital readout said “Pregnant”.

copyright-suburban princess diaries

Each time, after a few minutes, curiosity got the best of me, and I pried the stupid things open.

It took a few frustrating seconds (and almost breaking a nail) but I finally got the suckers apart.


Only to find the inside of a freaking small computer staring back at me.

Seriously, it seems a bit too much for a home pregnancy test, doesn’t it?

Seeing it’s technological guts laid out almost made me feel as if I had peed on a the motherboard of a Nintendo Gameboy.


Then I pulled out the test strips.

This is the from the first positive test. Only one line. 1linedigitalWhile the second positive test has two lines.DSC_0064

So the lines obviously are not meant to be read by the naked eye. You could be pregnant and get one line or two. Or you could be not pregnant and get one line or two.

My advice is to follow the instructions and resist the urge to tear the thing apart.

Besides, you don’t want to risk ruining your French manicure for no good reason.

Pajama Party Time! (*Giveaway!*)


Winner: Veronika

Bedtime is not an easy event at my house, by any means.

I have three little monsters who try every night to convince me (through screaming, crying, and an insane amount of negotiation techniques) that they are nocturnal by nature.

Even though they fight off sleep like the plague, there is one part of their nighttime routine that they actually enjoy.

Pajama time!

Lucky for us, Crazy For Bargains, a company that specializes in fun sleepwear for the entire family, sent each of my boys a set of pajamas for review.

Now, I have to warn you…my kids were so excited about the new jammies that they weren’t exactly cooperative when I was ready to take pictures.

These are the best shots that I could get:
copyright-suburban princess diariescopyright-suburban princess diaries

The Lego Batman pajamas were a perfect match for Kamryn, who has an obsession for superheroes (inherited from his geeky father). And Bronx thought his new adorable giraffe pj’s were good enough to chew (Much like his old beloved crib)!

copyright-suburban princess diariescopyright-suburban princess diaries
Even though I loved all of the boys’ new jam jams, my favorite was the little fish sleeper for Daegan. The back actually says “Something’s Fishy” across the bottom! How cute is that!

Like what you see? Well, you can have great pajamas too! That’s because Crazy For Bargains is going to give one of my lucky readers a store credit worth $25, good toward sleepwear for you, your kids or someone else you love!

Here’s how to enter:

* Follow The Suburban Princess Diaries through Google Friend Connect (if you don’t already!) and leave a comment. Make sure that you provide a valid email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner.

* All entrants must be at least 18 years of age and a U.S. resident.

The giveaway will be open until Saturday, September 17 at midnight (EST).

I will select a winner by random drawing at the close of the contest. The winner will be notified via email and announced in an update within this post.

Good luck and Sweet Dreams!

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