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Alright. I know you’ve been waiting.

And I’m sorry I’ve had to leave you in suspense for so long.

I finally do have some answers though.

Most of which came as the result of a visit to the hospital emergency room at 6 weeks.

The dreaded spotting that has been freaking me out since the beginning of this pregnancy suddenly returned. Only this time it was accompanied by back pain and cramps.

It was terrifyingly similar to the way my last miscarriage began, so I felt like I had to get it checked out.

It was late in the evening, and my husband had to stay at home with the kids. I ended up going alone.

And while I waited for the nurse to call me back into triage, I was afraid that it was all over.

The doctor ordered blood work. Thankfully the beta wasn’t tanking like it had the last time things went wrong.

Actually. It was the opposite. It was really high.

Which even made the doctor raise an eyebrow about the possibility of multiples.

After that, I was forced to down an insane amount of ice water and sent to ultrasound.

I spent almost an hour in there, getting both an external and an internal ultrasound by a blank-faced technician who didn’t speak and kept the screen turned away from me the entire time.

It was torture.

Especially since I started thinking that maybe the reason it was taking so long was because he was measuring more than one.

Or because something bad was showing up on the monitor.

I barely breathed the entire time. And then, when it was finally over, the tech handed me a printout.

According to the doctor, everything looked fine. There was no way for them to determine what exactly was causing my symptoms, so they warned me to take it easy and sent me home.

Where I held my breath and waited until my first OB appointment three weeks later.

Another ultrasound was done…and again everything looked perfect…

And the baby looked so much bigger than last time.

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You read that right. B-A-B-Y!

As in…only one.

And people, as exciting as twins would be… I am so relieved that we are not having multiples.

Because when this baby is born I will have four kids, ages four and under.

That’s right. Count ‘em. Four babies in four and a half years.

Any more than that right now and I would just be begging the TLC network for my own show.

God knows we can’t have that. The last thing I want right now is to be the replacement for the Kate Plus 8 timeslot.

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