The Bronx Tale continues…

Last month, we took our Bronxie Bear back to Children’s Hospital for more tests and an appointment with the nephrologist.

Based on the labs, the doctor sees no evidence of any kidney problems.

Excellent news.

One more thing we can rule out.

We’ve now been referred to an endocrinologist to keep investigating the possible causes of Bronx’s tiny size. (Just to update: At 2 years old he weighs only 19 pounds).

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I have run out of any plausible ideas as to why he is growing at such a slow pace, but shortly before Bronx’s 2nd birthday I did notice that he was exhibiting some strange behavior.

copyright-suburban princess diaries

The little woodchuck was eating his crib.

So, we decided it was time to move him out of the nursery and into Kamryn’s room.

Where he immediately began to gnaw on the expensive, new wooden bunk bed that he shares with his older brother.

He’s not teething anymore, so I can’t figure out why the heck he would be chomping on furniture like this.

It’s definitely something I’m going to mention when we visit the next medical specialist on our list.

Until then, I’m just hoping that he keeps his baby jaws off my entertainment center.

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