The 4 Week Wait.

That’s how long I have until my first prenatal appointment.

Four long weeks until I know for sure how far along I am.

Four whole weeks until I have an official due date.

Four more weeks until I can completely relax about that whole spotting episode.

In the past, I’ve always been excellent at keeping track of all of this stuff. I’ve always been able to accurately calculate my due date as soon as I’ve gotten a positive pregnancy test. I’ve always known how many weeks pregnant I am. I’ve always been able to get in to see the doctor a heck of a lot sooner than this.

Not this time.

Because of my wonky post-partum cycles, the best I can do before that first ultrasound is make an educated guess about how far along I am and when I am due.

I hate guesstimating.

And…after some of your comments, I now have to spend the next four weeks also contemplating the possibility that there may be more than one in there.

The wait is going to make me crazy…it already is.

Maybe I’ll just keep peeing on things to pass the time.

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Hang in there with me.

It’s going to be an awfully long month. 

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