Making the Case for Double Occupancy

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From the beginning, I have thought one thing.

Maybe… just maybe… it’s twins.

I am not just taking a crazy guess at this. I have a long list of reasons that I suspect there may be two cupcakes baking in there.

Here is why I’m betting that we are having two:

#1.) Spotting: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I never spot. Not ever during any one of my other pregnancies. That aside, spotting isn’t very common (only happens in 30% of pregnancies) and it is much more likely to happen in twin and higher-order multiple pregnancies.

I seriously cannot think of any other explanation for why I would have implantation spotting this time (and for a whole week) when it’s never been an issue before.

#2.) Elevated FSH Levels: This is a strange one, but it’s totally relevant. Remember awhile back when I failed that fertility test? Well, the test considered me to be a failure because it picked up elevated levels of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) in my system. This particular hormone becomes elevated for most women as they get older and their ovarian reserve becomes depleted. The hormone increases in an attempt to release more of the eggs that are left in a last ditch effort to achieve pregnancy before time runs out and the woman reaches menopause.

Basically, if you have elevated FSH levels you can hyperovulate.

And hyperovulation can lead directly to twins.

I also discovered that in some cases breastfeeding can cause FSH levels to increase. Which is why I may have failed that test in the first place.

And that leads me to my next reason.

#3.) Breastfeeding: Women who are breastfeeding at the time of conception are nine times more likely to become pregnant with twins.

My theory is that it may somehow be the link between breastfeeding and FSH levels.

And, I have been exclusively breastfeeding my five month-old son now since birth…so there’s that.

#4.) Number of Pregnancies: It’s been proven that the more kids you have, the more likely you are to conceive twins in a later pregnancy.

I have an example for this. Take a look at Michelle and JimBob (hehe..his name is JimBob) Duggar. 19 kids…with two sets of twins.

I’ve been pregnant more than a few times, although not near Duggar numbers yet…

#5.) Family History: My sisters are twins, which means my mom could have passed down a gene for hyperovulation to me or my sisters.

And that whole thing about twins skipping a generation?

It’s a myth.

#6.) Ravenous Appetite: This one is less scientific, but it still makes me wonder. Case in point, since that first positive test, I have been eating like a beast. I am always hungry. I never feel full. In fact, I can eat an entire pizza by myself.

I should also mention that I’ve single-handedly managed to blow through our entire monthly grocery budget in a little less than two weeks.

Maybe I’m eating for three?

7.) Newfound Narcolepsy: Not only have I been hungry enough to demolish the dinner buffet at the Duggar house (nice tie-in, right?) but I also can’t keep my eyes open to save my life. I wake up, give the kids breakfast, and then catnap on the couch while they watch cartoons. A few hours later, I put everyone (myself included) down for a real nap. I get back up before dinner, eat enough to feed a small army and then pass out on the couch before nine.

I’m like freaking Sleeping Beauty over here.

Based on the above, I’m almost convinced that there’s two in there.

Then again I could be wrong.

Like last time, when I thought that maybe we were having a girl.

But I’ll let the jury weigh in. After hearing all the evidence, what’s your verdict?

Movie Star.

This is from one of my more humorous Photoshop endeavors.

I figured now would be an appropriate time to dig it out of the good ol’ Picasa album and post it on here.

I hope you find it as amusing as I do.

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My 1st Baby, Kamryn , circa 2007.

This post is part of:

The 4 Week Wait.

That’s how long I have until my first prenatal appointment.

Four long weeks until I know for sure how far along I am.

Four whole weeks until I have an official due date.

Four more weeks until I can completely relax about that whole spotting episode.

In the past, I’ve always been excellent at keeping track of all of this stuff. I’ve always been able to accurately calculate my due date as soon as I’ve gotten a positive pregnancy test. I’ve always known how many weeks pregnant I am. I’ve always been able to get in to see the doctor a heck of a lot sooner than this.

Not this time.

Because of my wonky post-partum cycles, the best I can do before that first ultrasound is make an educated guess about how far along I am and when I am due.

I hate guesstimating.

And…after some of your comments, I now have to spend the next four weeks also contemplating the possibility that there may be more than one in there.

The wait is going to make me crazy…it already is.

Maybe I’ll just keep peeing on things to pass the time.

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Hang in there with me.

It’s going to be an awfully long month. 


I was having a wicked bout of insomnia last night.

Since I couldn’t sleep, I spent some quality time with my computer.

To make the experience a little more interesting, I decided to Google my blog.

The first page of results was rather anti-climatic. I was given the main link to my webpage, secondary links to some of my posts, and my profile for Blogger. The usual stuff you’d expect to pop up during an internet search.

One of the results that followed after that though, was a little bit surprising.


WTF? I am NOT an alcoholic housewife.

And I’m damned sure there are no videos of me out there pretending to be one.

I had to investigate, so I clicked the link.

And ended up here.

At a place called Organized Wisdom. From what I have gathered, the site gives its users alerts on heath topics from doctors and other experts in the medical field.

And my blog made it on there because a doctor/psychologist saw a crazy connection between my post, Alcohol Abuse, and that drunken housewife.

So he posted this:taggedsubabuse

And tweeted this:

alcohol twitter

Which in turn was also retweeted. By a cat…with keys?

And just to be clear, my original post was not about alcoholism. It was about how I accidently ingested an infinitesimal amount of spiked punch at my sister’s Halloween party last fall. While pregnant.

So I’m not really sure why this guy thought my blog would be a good match with the alcoholic housewife.

It’s not like I have a drinking problem.

As a matter of fact, if he did his research a little more recently, he’d discover that what I really have is a peeing problem.

My first thought, based on the fact that he tagged the link to my post with the label “substance abuse”, is that maybe this doctor was trying to make an example out of me.

Perhaps making me the poster child for pregnant, alcoholic mothers.

The alcoholic housewife post does claim that 5.2 women in America abuse alcohol.

Judging from the way I’ve been linked to this, Dr. Phil Peter probably thinks that I am one of them.

I can only assume the worst. He found The Suburban Princess Diaries, a blog about a stay-at-home-mom, saw the post title about Alcohol Abuse (probably didn’t bother to actually read it), and figured that it fit the bill.

I must be a poor, overwhelmed mother who hits the bottle to cope. Even while knocked up.

I think I have been head-shrinked without even asking for it.

So, I say to that dear doctor:

Thanks for the internet controversy, sir.


A little over a week and a half ago, I started to suspect that there might just be another little cupcake in my oven.

So, I made my husband go to the dollar store and buy me some pregnancy tests.

I took three of them over the course of a few days. Upon initial inspection, they all appeared to be negative.

But I scrutinized. I held them up under the bathroom light bulbs. I took them apart and studied the paper test strip from every angle.

I even photographed them and inverted the image.

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copyright - suburban princess diaries

Just to make absolutely sure.

And I saw something on each one of them. Something that was nothing more than a shadow really. Something so faint, it was almost like it wasn’t even there.

I figured that because it was practically non-existent that it was probably just an evaporation line.

But then I got to thinking…

What are the chances that all three tests would have evaporation lines?

I had to get a definitive answer. I went out and bought a different brand of tests.

A box of First Response Early Results.

For two reasons.

1) The First Response tests are more sensitive, so if the dollar store tests were picking up remnants of an actual line, it would theoretically be a much clearer, less ambiguous line on the First Response test.


2) If the First Response comes up negative, then I would have solid evidence that the dollar store tests were just giving me crappy evap lines.

As hard as it was to resist, I didn’t take the First Response as soon as I brought it home. I wanted to wait until the next day so I could follow that first morning urine rule.

When I woke up the next morning, I was spotting. I figured that I didn’t need to test. The game was clearly over. There was no way I was pregnant.

As I was leaving the bathroom though, I took another glace at the box of tests sitting on the counter.

I decided that I should probably take one, if for no other reason than to prove my evaporation line theory, so I would know if I needed to doubt the reliability of the dollar store tests in the future.

Less than 3 minutes later, I was looking at a BFP.

Once the initial shock wore off, reality started sinking in.

I was worried about all the ominous symptoms I was having, so I (very much against the advice from the lady that writes bought tons of tests thinking I could watch the lines get darker to reassure myself that the HCG in my body was in fact, increasing the way that it should over time.

Crazy. I know.

I started out with the dollar store tests. But I ran out of those early on.

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Then I found a great deal online for a pack of 25 test strips so I ordered those.

copyright - suburban princess diaries

Out of the 25, there are only 10 left. I expect the rest will be gone relatively soon.

Soon after that, I got bored and felt like it was time to switch it up. I got a box of generic +/- tests.

copyright - suburban princess diaries

During this POAS frenzy, I also managed to blow through two boxes of First Response Early Results.

copyright - suburban princess diaries

I took a digital too, just to shut up my husband, who swears he doesn’t see a line no matter how dark it is.

copyright - suburban princess diaries

For those of you doing the math on this one, that totals out to 30 home pregnancy tests.

And for the record, I still have an unused First Response, a Clearblue Digital and ten more of those internet cheepies sitting in a drawer.

Which means that the testing insanity may very well continue.

It’s entirely possible that I may need some sort of intervention at this point.

Because clearly, I am an HPT junkie.

(Not) Just my imagination.

I got a return call from the nurse at my OB’s office bright and early this morning.

After running through a detailed list of my symptoms, the nurse reassured me that what I am experiencing is most likely a muscular-skeletal issue.

Nothing that would warrant an immediate concern.

She also concluded that since the spotting has pretty much tapered off, it was probably just implantation bleeding.

Cue a huge sigh of relief.

I still am harboring a tiny bit of anxiety…but I won’t be able to let that go until I have an ultrasound and can see for myself that everything is completely fine.

One more thing…

I’m about a week out from the first positive test and this is what is now staring back at me in the mirror.

copyright-suburban princess diaries

The baby bump literally expanded overnight.

How is it possible that I am not hallucinating?

Waiting to Exhale.

I’ve almost managed to convince myself that everything is fine.

I’ve talked myself into believing that things are different this time for a good reason…

I’ve tried to stop worrying.

But it’s been hard to remember to breathe.

After an entire week, the spotting seems to have stopped.

For the first time in days, the back pain has been barely noticeable.

Today I started to relax a bit.

Until I started having pain in my shoulder.

Then I got a little panicky.

Against my better judgment, I conferred with Google Howser, M.D.

Who, despite all the infinite internet wisdom, couldn't give me a straight answer about exactly what type of shoulder pain is associated with ectopic pregnancy.

There was a few mentions of “shoulder tip pain” but I’m still not really sure what that means.

I panicked a little more.

I called my husband and asked him what he thought.

He said it was probably nothing. And I explained that normally I would think so too, but I couldn’t ignore all the other unusual symptoms I have had recently.

The spotting, the lower back pain…

and now the shoulder.

All signs of trouble.

He accused me of being a hypochondriac.

I lost it then. I started crying. I told him that I always try to ignore every symptom, because I don’t want to bother anyone if it’s nothing.

I am scared of overreacting. Scared of looking stupid.

I don’t want to be sent to the doctor’s office or the E.R. if I don’t have to. Especially since it’s not exactly a fun time for me.

Mostly because there is usually a pelvic exam involved.

I am not a hypochondriac.

I just couldn’t rationalize everything enough to ease my mind anymore.

So I did what I knew I should have probably done a few days ago.

I did what many of you ladies told me to.

I broke down and called my OB/GYN.

I told the receptionist that I have been having some symptoms that I am concerned about.

She took my information and told me that a nurse would call me back.

Twelve hours later, I haven’t gotten that call.

I suppose that means that they’re not worried. And if they’re not all that worried, then I shouldn’t be. Right?

Thankfully, the shoulder pain has let up some. My husband has a theory that I may just have slept on it wrong, since it does feel similar to a muscle ache.

Here’s hoping that for once, he’s right.

And seriously, is it just me…

 copyright-suburban princess diaries

Or do I already have a (bump)?

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