Running down a dream.

Last year, I ran the Sunburst 5K unknowingly pregnant.

It was my very first road race. The first running event I had participated in since my high school track career had ended 13 years earlier.

I ran it in 40:19. With a potty break.

This year, I ran it again. 4 months postpartum. And with a kidney stone.

That’s right. Another damn kidney stone. My 4th in the past year. My second in the past month.

I ran it in 33:28. Again with a potty break.

copyright-suburban princess diaries

 False advertising. We ran 3.1 miles, not 13. But it’s fun to pretend.

copyright-suburban princess diaries  From left: My BFF, me, & my sisters.

I kind of feel like a badass.

Even if Brightroom didn’t get any photos of me actually running this year.


Not only that, but I have stuck to a solid workout routine.

I am training for more races.

And I have lost all the baby weight plus 3 pounds.

I am starting to look freaking amazing in clothes again.

The muffin top that I have spent the last few years loathing? 

Finally GONE.

The return of my previous beefcake body is no longer a distant dream.

It’s finally starting to become a reality.

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