Irish Eyes are (halfway) Smiling.

When we last saw the pediatric ophthalmologist who diagnosed Daegan with Ptosis, we were told that he would have to wait until June to determine if the condition was affecting his vision.

We’ve been waiting a long three months. It’s been difficult to have to spend each day wondering if Daegan’s eyelid is obstructing his vision and then to worry if it could be interfering with his vision development.

Today we finally went back to doctor to get his condition reevaluated. The ophthalmologist took various measurements of his eyelid in relation to the severity of the droop. He also noted how often the baby tips his head back to compensate for the eyelid obstruction in an attempt to allow his eyes to be able to work together.

Daegan is constantly tipping his head back, which I thought was a surefire sign that his vision was being compromised.

Apparently, not so. The doctor seems to think that his vision is completely fine.

He then reiterated that we should hold off on the corrective surgery until just before Daegan enters school.

When I asked if it was absolutely necessary to wait, the doctor explained that the surgery is much more successful if there is more tissue present to work with. Infants are not ideal candidates because they are so small.

It looks like my little leprechaun (Daegan is actually a traditional Irish name and oddly enough our little guy is actually a strawberry-blond redhead) will get to keep his googley eye for the next few years.

Not such a great thing for pictures. And I’ll have to put up with the annoying “What happened to/what’s wrong with his eye?” questions for awhile longer.

But if it means that the future surgery will have a better outcome, I suppose it’s worth it.

Daegan will continue seeing the ophthalmologist on a regular basis to monitor his vision, and should the condition start to interfere with his eye development, the surgery will be scheduled sooner.

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Until then, maybe we’ll just start calling him Sir Winks-A-Lot.

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