The Waiting Game (Medical Mysteries Edition)

Next week, my little Bronxie will be 21 months old.


The last time he saw his pediatrician, at 18 months, he weighed a teeny-tiny 17 pounds, 8 ounces.

Astonishingly, at his appointment yesterday we discovered that now he is actually losing weight.

The big guy shed a few ounces and is now just over the 17 pound mark.

Most one year-olds are bigger than that.

There still has been no diagnosis. No reason for why he is so small.

The doctors seem just as puzzled as we are.

We have a whole month to go before we finally get to meet with the pediatric urologist. The one who is so high in demand that we had to schedule our appointment 6 months in advance.

I’m hoping that maybe he’ll have some answers.

Because he has had two abnormal urinalysis results, my gut feeling is that his slow growth is somehow related.

I think it might be his kidneys.

I hope that I’m wrong. I hope that it is nothing.

All we can do is wait and see.

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