It used to be that when I heard the word “Rio”, I would immediately have that Duran Duran song stuck in my head.

And I love me some Duran Duran.

But not anymore. A few weeks ago, thanks to Chiquita, I took my family to see the movie Rio at the theater.


It was so much fun. Especially since I love to see movies, but I hardly ever get the opportunity to actually get out of the house.

The movie was great. My oldest, Kamryn, absolutely loved it. Our favorite character was this little guy:

A crazy little pick pocketing monkey. Yep. He steals his bling from the tourists. So hysterical.

In addition to the movie tickets, Chiquita also sent me a bag of their new Fruit Chips. It’s a snack that contains dehydrated banana, pineapple and mango. Not only is it delicious, but the fruit is the only ingredient. There is no added junk like sugar, or artificial colors and preservatives. The boys practically inhaled the entire bag, and I love anything that makes feeding the kids something nutritious just a little bit easier for this mushy mommy.

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