The Cinema Show.

I’ve always heard that the first step to recovery is admitting that you actually have a problem.

Okay, so I’ll admit it.

I have a problem.

Correction. My husband and I have a problem.

A problem that I didn’t fully realize until I started reorganizing our family’s collection of DVD’s this past week.

A project that I finally had to tackle because we were tired of the kids constantly pulling the cases off of the movie racks we had in the living room. If that wasn’t annoying enough, Bronx had recently figured out how to open them, and all the discs were now being repurposed as teething toys.

copyright - suburban princess diaries Uh-oh. They are so busted.

I finally decided to take action. I ordered locking storage cases that would hold 100 discs each. Problem solved. No more DVD cases littering the floor in front of our television, and no more discs covered in baby slobber and bite marks.

It was a great solution. Until we did the math and discovered that we would be needing more than just a few cases.

copyright - suburban princess diaries

copyright - suburban princess diaries

And organizing it took more than just a little time. It was a week-long endeavor, made up of countless hours spent entering titles into an online database, cleaning discs that were covered in everything from fingerprints to peanut butter, and then loading each disc into its own individual slot in the new storage systems. 

Just to be exact on the inventory, we needed a total of seven cases. And that was just for actual films. We didn’t catalog extra discs containing special features or any of our TV series boxed sets.

Seven 100-disc cases. Five of them are completely filled. And one of those boxes is nothing but kid’s movies. Yes, we have over a hundred children’s DVD’s. We had to start a second box just for their stuff.

Based on those numbers, it’s actually quite possible for us to start a video rental business out of our home.

Which is how we know we have a problem.

Hello. My name is Brittany. And I am addicted to theatrical home entertainment.

Forget the 12-step program though.

We have kids. We don’t get out that much.

There is no way we’re giving up our stash.

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