The Beefcake is Back.

It has been three months since little Daegan entered the world.

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And I am now officially back to my pre-baby weight.

Can I get a Hallelujah?

Sadly, my transformation didn’t come the same way it did after the birth of my second child.

Translation: The M&M diet didn’t work this time around.

No, no. I actually had to sweat to drop the extra pounds.

It has been hard, but I have been forcing myself back into distance running (with a few sprints thrown in here and there, because really I am a sprinter at heart).

I also have been following an intense weightlifting routine.

Oh yeah. And I’m still trying to stick to a loosely-based version of that hellish diet I told you about.

All of this torture hasn’t just been about getting buff though.

I’ve been training to run another 5K this year.

But losing all the baby chunk was an added bonus.


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