Wait. . . Did I just get scammed?

In the past few days I have discovered that I handle death much like I handle other life stressors.

I engage in obnoxious amounts of retail therapy.

Because for some stupid, superficial reason, buying things makes me feel…strangely better.

While trying to navigate my way through the grieving process, I have purchased the following items:

  • A new double jogging stroller
  • A new baby swing with an A/C adapter
  • A bunk bed and dresser
  • A Nikon D3100

That’s just the online stuff. I also have hit up the local stores buying more (smaller) home items and baby gear.

In short, I have lost my mind…and most of my money.

It hasn’t been total madness though. The things that I bought were carefully considered ahead of time. I talked myself out of buying other items that I finally concluded (after much internal debate) weren’t absolutely necessary.

Although, my husband would argue that none of it is really necessary. He’s a real stickler for the want versus need comparison.

However, coming from a man that won’t even replace his socks when they have more holes than Swiss cheese, I doubt his opinion is completely relevant here.

Unless I tell him about the phone call I made this morning. Then he might have a reason to complain.

Yesterday, while I was at my grandmother’s funeral, the store that I ordered my new camera from called twice. They left two messages on my answering machine.

They never said exactly why they were calling, but they asked that I call them back right away.

So I did this morning.

Turns out, they just wanted to know if I wanted the option to sign for the package upon delivery. Which I eagerly agreed to.

I certainly don’t want the UPS guys just leaving something like that on my front porch. Or, in the bushes next to the porch, which is sadly a much more common occurrence.

But, before the camera guy would let me off the phone, he starting giving me a spiel about memory cards.


He went on and on about how I had to have a special type of memory card. One that would be compatible with the kind of camera I had just ordered.

I hate annoying sales pitches. So I cut him off and told him I wasn’t interested.

After I hung up, I did some research online and discovered that the memory card that I am currently using in my Coolpix won’t work. Even though it is an SDHC and is HD video capable, it only has a speed rating of 4. Nikon’s website suggests a card with a speed rating of at least 6.

So I looked around online some more and finally, against my better judgment, I called the annoying sales guy back. Forty minutes and a good amount of Q & A later, I had added a 4GB Professional High Speed (500x) card with a Class 10 rating.

According to the sales guy, it’s the only type of memory card that won’t cause errors and that will shoot with no delays. It will also allow me to use the HD video capabilities on my new camera without any issues.

Sounds good. But…I still can’t help but wonder if he was just BS’ing me to up the order total.

The card was an extra $99. But I did get the camera from the same place for a pretty amazing price. Which is probably the biggest reason that I let him talk me into the memory card. Plus, it’s supposed to make the camera function at it’s best.

I hope that I am getting a deal.

I know some of you out there know a thing or two about the camera industry. What do you think?

Did I just get scammed?

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