The Aftermath.

I’m sorry that I’ve pulled a disappearing act lately.

Unfortunately, I have a really good excuse.

The last three weeks since my third son’s birth have been horrendous for me. While I had a fantastically easy and virtually pain-free labor and delivery, (which was a total 180° from the first two births I endured) my recovery has been completely awful.

First off, I had the most excruciating afterpains. The doctor wasn’t exaggerating when he said that those get worse with each baby. They really do. Which makes me wonder what that Duggar lady does to survive after she pops out a kid. I mean, after 19 children, her afterpains have to be absolute murder.

I doubt they make painkillers strong enough to tackle that.

Surprisingly, the torture of afterpains hasn’t been the worst of it. I spent the first three days of my son’s life feeling like I had literally been hit by a truck. A big truck. And when that started to subside, it was replaced with the worst postpartum migraine imaginable, complete with dizziness and nausea severe enough to make me toss my cookies at random and not-so-convenient moments.

I’ve tried taking some over-the-counter headache medicines, but my options are limited because I’m nursing. Tylenol and Advil Migraine have done absolutely nothing. Add in all the sleep deprivation and crazy hormonal changes and you’ve got one big mess.

So, instead I’ve been stuck feeling miserable. And the last thing I’ve wanted to do is aggravate this migraine monster by staring at a computer screen. Hence, the explanation for my absence.

I do have the best new cuddle buddy though, and that helps.


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