Labor Limbo.

My last appointment was supposed to be uneventful, but things got interesting.

The nurse hooked me up to the monitors after I mentioned how crampy I was feeling, and the readout showed that I was contracting every two to three minutes.

But the baby’s heart rate was dipping a bit during those contractions.

So, the doctor checked me. And said that I was 3-4 cm dilated and almost completely effaced.

The doctor also said he could feel the baby’s head and that it was very low.

Upon hearing this, my husband and I went into shock.

We were in total disbelief as the doctor told us we needed to get to the hospital.

So, we rushed home. Found a sitter. Finally packed our bags.

Only to get to the hospital and wait.

The nurse checked me in and got everything set up. She even took my fingerprints for the birth certificate.

Accounting for how fast I went through the whole labor and delivery process the last time around, it seemed like it was a definite game on.

But then there was more waiting.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

We were there for eight hours. Nothing changed. The contractions eventually slowed down. And the baby scored an 8/8 on his Biophysical Profile.


So we were sent home.


Because as the doctor explained, he wasn’t going to help it along since I am not yet at term. Because, if I was, the doctor said that I wouldn’t have left the hospital without delivering first.

Oh, lucky me.

So we left. Now with the unsettling anxiety that I could go at any minute. And with my body doing all this prep work, when I do finally go into active labor it probably won’t take very long for this baby to come popping out.

It certainly didn’t take long with the last one.

Which means I could end up missing my epidural. Again.

I am absolutely terrified.

Other things have happened since then, some of which fall into that TMI category, confirming that labor is on the brink of starting at any given second.

Baby Watch 2011 has officially begun. Stay tuned.

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