An Interesting Postscript.

Remember when I got mail robbed?

Well, today I found an unexpected surprise waiting for me in my mailbox.


E.P.T. sent me another keepsake gift. Wrapped in plastic.

I opened the package and found this note inside:


Which only leads me to one conclusion.

I was not the only victim. Other people were mail robbed too.

More disturbingly, it probably means that there is not just one mail thief out there.

There may actually be an entire ring of pee-stick pouch bandits.

Seriously, who are these freaks?

That wasn’t the only thing that bothered me.

ept error copy

The makers of the Error Proof Test have made an error.

They clearly don’t understand the difference between the words patience and patients.

I am not a doctor, so I have no patients for them to appreciate.

It’s a little silly, but because of my journalism background, I have no patience for the misuse of words.

I also get upset by bad grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Everyone has their pet peeves.

Apology letter aside, there is a happy ending here.


I did get my purple pee-stick pouch after all.

Merry Christmas to me.

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