Mean Old Ladies.

I’ve decided that if MTV wants to make me a decent offer, I will sign on to do the next season of Teen Mom.

Even though I am not a teenager. Not even close.

But I figure that if people want to keep treating me like I am, I might as well play one on TV.

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(Yeah MTV, Add me to the roster. I can do baby momma drama just as well as the rest of them.)

For the most part, I have learned to deal with the dirty looks and stupid remarks.

It doesn’t really shock me anymore.

That is, until I ran into the mean, old ladies at Wal-Mart last night.

Or maybe I should just say Mean Old Lady, since I only heard one of them talking, but since she was talking to her friend in what appeared to be a mutual conversation, I am declaring the other lady guilty by association.

And this particular woman takes the cake when it comes to all the not-so-nice comments that have been directed toward my “teen” mom self.

These mean, old ladies were sitting in a booth at the in-store restaurant and I had stopped in that section to get an Icee.

After getting the drink, I had to pass by their booth to get back to the shopping area. They had given me classic dirty looks when I had passed by them coming in, but, like I said before, I’m used to that.

What got my attention was hearing, “And then you have these fifteen year-olds who have no trouble at all getting pregnant.”

I guess she could have been talking in general, except for the fact that she was staring me down. Staring down at very pregnant, little, young-looking me with an infant in my shopping cart.

It’s times like these when I almost wish that I were a little bit more confrontational. Because I would have loved to have thrown a few snotty words right back at her.

Of course, I didn’t. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that my ability to avoid fighting like the plague is probably the only reason why I don’t have a criminal record.

It’s probably also the reason that if I really were a teenager, MTV still wouldn’t be interested in me.

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