Latest from the OB office.

My second round of PIO injections went much better than the first time. Even though my husband said I jumped when the huge needle went into my booty, I have yet to feel any significant pain or discomfort.

All thanks to YouTube.

I found a video online of a lady giving herself the same injection in preparation for IVF, and after she took the needle out she rubbed the injection site to help spread out all the nasty oil.

That was the magic trick. I did it today after my injection and despite the weird look I got from the nurse and my husband, it worked.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the progesterone is really helping me any at this point. I had another ultrasound and my cervix is shortening. (FYI: The tech didn’t look at the baby even though I now have my husband doubting the last ultrasound, so he asked and I had to explain that she couldn’t see the baby while doing a transvaginal cervix check. The tech backed me up on that, so we are still without confirmation of the baby’s sex.)

All the cramps and sporadic contractions have been doing something and the progesterone may be slowing it down, but it isn’t stopping it.

I go back in tomorrow for a Fetal Fibronectin Test. If that comes back positive, then there could be lots more preterm intervention measures in my future.

I was pretty sure before, but now I am convinced.

This baby is coming early.

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