An Addendum

I may have left a few teeny, tiny important details out of my last post.

For instance, how far along I am is kind of a big deal at this point, considering all this preterm labor concern.

26 weeks.

Past the point of viability, but still in very scary territory.

There are a million reasons why I need to keep this kid baking for another ten weeks at the very least, but most of them have to do with the fact that I really want nothing to do with a NICU that is almost an hour away.

I have already given birth to a premature infant, which is one of the reasons I am being monitored closely this time around.


I’m terrified of having to spend the first moments of this new baby’s life watching him struggle to breathe. Terrified of seeing him with wires sticking out of him everywhere.

Terrified of not being able to hold my newborn son.

I would absolutely hate to have to endure that again. But despite all of that, we were actually lucky last time.

I couldn’t imagine how heartbreaking the situation would be if I delivered him now.

Or even a month from now.

We really need those ten extra weeks.

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