Absolute Verification.

Remember that ambiguous gender-determining ultrasound?

Well, I am still convinced that the picture we were sent home with is just a nice shot of the umbilical cord.

I managed to convince everyone else of this too. Even my husband who was absolutely sure we were having a boy until I posted this.

With so much doubt surrounding the accuracy of that first ultrasound, I couldn’t wait until we could have another one done. I just had to know.

And I ended up having to wait eight whole weeks for it.


Thanks to that hospital stay last week, we finally got a second look.

This time around, the ultrasound tech was amazing. She took a long time scanning the baby and went over everything on the screen with me. It was nice, considering most of them stay tight-lipped the whole time. She told me how the baby was lying and even went over measurements. The baby is measuring an entire week ahead (which will help if there is an early delivery) and the baby’s head is actually measuring two weeks ahead! Considering the way this kid has to exit, a bigger head is uh….yikes!

I asked her to check the baby’s sex again and she had no trouble finding a clear shot to print out for me.


There is no more second guessing now. We are officially having our third boy.

We figured as much, so no real surprises here. Like I said before, the real good news is that he is measuring ahead because my cervix is still effacing. Even with the progesterone injections. The doctors are now checking my cervical length and running Fetal Fibronectin tests every two weeks.

But with the way things are going, it looks like steriod shots for the baby’s lungs are in the very near future.

Other interventions, like stronger anti-contraction medication and the dreaded switch from modified to complete bedrest are becoming pretty strong possibilities at this point too.

As much as it might suck, I am willing to do anything at this point just to get this little guy to stay put until after the new year.

Because I know there is no way he is going to wait until the middle of February.

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