The Proof.

Ever wanted to test out your skills as an ultrasonographer?

Here’s your big chance.

I have the “money shot” from our last ultrasound.

And I’m going to see if you can see what I (possibly because I might be in a little bit of denial) see.

Or maybe you will see what the tech and the doctor (and possibly I) saw.

Then you, the jury, can render your verdict.

Trust me, I have some pretty compelling evidence here.

Here is the original shot:


And here is the image with the important parts circled, showing how the medical professionals determined that the baby is a boy:


It seems pretty obvious. However, upon closer inspection, I spied something rather interesting:


Do you see how the alleged penis lines up exactly with something that runs all the way to the edge of the picture?(Click on it to enlarge)

I know that I could be completely off base with this, but I’m thinking…


Anyone willing to give their expert (or not-so expert) opinion on this?

I’d love to know what you think.

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