First Scare, Second Stone.

I officially had my first pregnancy panic attack this week.

It was anything but fun.

I woke up with abdominal cramps and back pain that radiated down into my thighs. My legs were so achy I could barely walk and I was also feeling nauseous.

All are symptoms of preterm labor, and I am high risk for that sort of thing.

I tried to take it easy, hoping it would ease up on it’s own.

No such luck.

After 7 hours of resting and some Tylenol, I broke down and called my doctor’s office.

They asked me to come in immediately.

An exam and an ultrasound confirmed that nothing was really progressing. Baby was staying put for the moment.

The doctor prescribed me a muscle relaxer to calm my insanely irritable uterus and a pain reliever to help me feel better. He told me that I am no longer allowed to exercise (not even a walk on the treadmill!) and that I am supposed to rest whenever possible.

Rest? Ha! I don’t even know what that is.

I woke up the next day with the same set of symptoms. The medication didn’t seem to be helping much.

Until the next morning, when I realized that the preterm labor issues had disappeared and been replaced with some horribly familiar urinary problems.

I knew instantly that it was another stupid kidney stone.

What I didn’t know is that kidney stones can actually cause preterm labor.

Another mystery solved.

It took three days to finally pass that little rock of misery, which ended up being twice the size of the one I passed a few weeks ago.

I’m praying that there aren’t any more, but I suspect that there might be.

And that really freaks me out.

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