Disturbing Behavior.

I am usually a laid-back, ultra-chill kind of girl.

Until someone messes with one of my kids.

Last week, someone unfortunately did.

And now, without further ado, I am going to go on a crazy mommy rant about it. (Grab a Snickers, we could be here awhile.)

Here is what happened:

kamspreschoolattack  (Dramatization of actual event)

Kamryn attends an afternoon preschool program at our local high school. Last Wednesday, Kamryn was bit (and I think also scratched) by this Tasmanian devil of a kid in his class. The teacher (who is supposed to be supervising the high schoolers who are, in turn, supervising the little kids) went out of her way to inform the parent of the little aspiring Mike Tyson, but did not make an effort at all to inform me that my child was hurt. Kamryn told me on the way to the car and I had to chase after the teacher and ask her if he was indeed bitten like he said. She briefly explained that he was, she had put ice on it and that the other child was suspended from class the next day. I wanted to press her further, but she was trying to shuffle some of the other kids back to their parents, so we loaded up and went home.

A short while later, when I was back in my kitchen and had started cleaning and bandaging the bite, I saw scratch marks all over his neck and face and noticed that he was absolutely filthy. It looked like he had been in an all-out playground brawl. So, I picked up the phone and called the teacher at the high school. I asked her about the additional war wounds that I didn’t initially see at the pick-up, because I was a little distracted by Kamryn pointing out the teeth prints in his arm. She had no explanation. I told her that I wasn't too shocked about a biting incident going down in a room full of preschoolers, but that I was really concerned about the fact that no one made an attempt to notify me of the situation. She explained that this has never happened before and that she didn't know what to do, so she had went to the administration. She said that she had planned to call me later that day.

Even if that were true, (and I don't think it is...I think she was just trying to cover her ass) it is still unacceptable to 1) not be prepared for this type of situation ahead of time and 2) to not have enough common sense to let the mother of the child who was injured what was going on, despite the fact that she went out of her way to come out ten minutes early with the offending child to let his mother know what was going on. Are you freaking kidding me? Obviously a bite can sometimes warrant medical attention and I would never have known if Kamryn hadn't told me. Any normal person would know that is not the responsibility of a three year old. Although, I am starting to think that maybe they were banking on the odds that maybe Kamryn wouldn’t tell me and then they would be free and clear of any liability issues.

What makes me even more distressed is that when I was on the phone with the teacher she told me that she didn't know how Kamryn got the additional scratches, but she admitted that out of 10 high school students and herself, no one witnessed what had happened and only one student discovered what was going on when Kamryn finally screamed. That is ridiculous considering there are only 8-10 kids in the class to begin with. Someone should have been watching.

The whole operation seems a little disorganized at best and now I am afraid that the children aren't being supervised properly. Case in point, the day after the biting incident, as the high schoolers were bringing the kids outside for pick-up, one of the teenagers turned the kid she was walking out loose as soon as they were out the front door without looking to see if his mother was even there. The kid dashed right out into the parking lot. Furthermore, the teacher is new (I guess she is replacing someone who taught the class for 30 years) and from what she has told me and her actions, I don't think she knows what the heck she is doing. I'm keeping a close watch for the remaining 7 weeks of the program...but if anything crazy happens again, I'm yanking Kamryn out of the class and I will be notifying the school administration. Until then, I’m more than a little bit apprehensive.

This is my first experience with problems at a school, and I know that this likely won’t be my last. The only good things to come out of this is that the biter was ultimately expelled from the class and I think that my phone call to the school made the teacher a little intimidated by me, so I don’t think she will let anything else happen to Kamryn on her watch.

I think the other kids may still be attending at their own risk, though.

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