Another Experiment.

Awhile back, when I was researching the accuracy of the Intelligender test, I came across a number of people who posted their suspicions about the product being nothing more than a PH test.

I wanted another excuse to play science lab in my bathroom, and it just so happened that I was lucky enough to win another test online, so I figured I would test the theory out.

The assumption is that a more alkaline urine sample will produce a boy result and a more acidic sample will produce a girl.

It made sense to me. The first time, I tested with my first morning urine (like the instructions told me to)  and considering that the only thing I had to drink the night before was water, it was plausible that the boy result could be PH related.

DSCN2350 This time around, I drank a ton of cranberry juice.

And here’s how the test looked right after I took it:


For a few minutes, I was convinced that the PH theory was confirmed.

But when I checked it at the five minute mark, (as directed by the instructions) it looked like this:

DSCN2353I’m pretty sure that it is not a PH test. I’m actually a little shocked that I couldn’t trick the damn thing. I should also mention that after I did this little chemistry session, Intelligender put up a blog post stating that the product is not a PH test.

I know that a ton of people have gotten the wrong result with this test, but it worked for me. And even though I know that it was a 50/50 shot, I still wonder if my baby boy factory oozes so much testosterone that no matter what I do, the test would scream boy every. single. time.

My husband swears that his family has an XY curse. His grandfather came from a family of six (OMG!?) boys and Matt is the oldest of four boys. I used to laugh at the so-called “curse”…

but now I think that it may be true.

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