Alcohol Abuse.

My sister threw a Halloween party this past weekend.

And I just had to go and show off the most awesome maternity costume ever.

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Forget the traditional pregnant nun getup, the little guy and I are going as Mommy & Baby Skeletor this year.

Oh, yeah. And our bones glow in the dark. So cool.

The only other time I have ever been knocked up for Halloween was when I was pregnant with Kamryn and since I was only about 6 weeks along then, I wore this:

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This is the first time that I have been pregnant and showing for Halloween…so I was really excited to dress up the belly. Make that SUPER DEE DUPER excited.

But then a very bad thing happened.

We arrived at my sister’s house around eight that night. She had been out at a football game all day tailgating, so let’s just say that she was fairly intoxicated by the time we showed up for her party.

Okay, actually she was completely drunk.

Shortly after we arrived, I started searching through her fridge for something to drink. Unfortunately, there were few options.

Beer and Coke Zero were my only choices.

Obviously, the first one was out of the question, and since my bout with gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy, Coke Zero and I only hook up on a desperate, need-be basis.

I really did not want to settle for the lesser of two evils.

So, I kept searching. That’s when I found a 20 oz. bottle of Tampico fruit punch sitting on the top shelf.

Ah, miracle of miracles.

It was already open, but only missing a few sips. I pulled it out and asked my sister if it was hers. She said yes, so I asked her if I could have it and again, she said yes.

I poured roughly half the bottle into a plastic drinking cup and took a drink.

About two and a half sips later, some guy came over to where we were and started chatting with me and my husband. A few minutes into the conversation, he noticed the Tampico bottle next to me on the counter and motioned to my cup.

“Are you drinking my punch?” He asked.

“What? This is my sister’s.” I reply and then I turn to my sister and say,

“This is yours, right?”

My sister responds with a no.

“So, you are drinking my punch!” Random guy exclaims.

Yuck. I had just discovered that I was drinking after a total stranger. Heebie Jeebies quickly ensued.

All I could think about was how I may have just been exposed to millions of disgusting germs.

Yes, I am a total germaphobe.

Seconds later, another equally terrifying thought crossed my mind.

That punch had tasted sweet. Really sweet. A little too sweet.

I passed the cup to my husband and told him to try it. I explained to him that I was suspicious about it being only fruit punch. He couldn’t tell, so he asked random guy.

My fears were confirmed. Random guy had mixed it with some sort of green liquor.

The punch had been spiked.

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I unintentionally drank while pregnant.

I started to panic as the reality of what had happened sunk in.

I knew that I didn’t consume enough to amount to much of anything, but I was still a little freaked. I never drink when I am pregnant. Not a drop. I have had people tell me that a glass of champagne or wine is fine in moderation, but I think that it’s a risk too big to take. No one knows how much alcohol is “safe” to drink while pregnant. And knowing that a developing fetus doesn’t have the capability to metabolize alcohol the way an adult would, all I can think of is for every drink that you have, the baby sits for hours in a pool of alcohol-infused amniotic fluid.

It really scares the pants off me.

Plus, I’m not a big drinker when I’m not pregnant, so I’m not really missing much.

That’s why the accidental ingestion made me a little nervous. Until my husband helped me come to the conclusion that the few sips I took probably didn’t contain enough alcohol to even make it to the placenta.

Sometimes it helps to be married to someone so rational.

Then again, I still think I’ll be staying away from fruit punch for awhile.

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