The Post You’ve All Been Waiting For.

Today was our big ultrasound with Maternal Fetal Medicine.

They did a full anatomy scan, which took about a half hour and the machine was set up all weird so I didn’t get to see any of it. Talk about a total suckfest.

So I laid there, completely bored, watching my husband play with Bronx. Every few minutes I would shoot a glace at the tech, who kept a poker face the entire time, so I couldn’t gauge whether or not things were fine.

It was a rather unsettling (and annoying) experience.

And at the end, she finally turned the screen towards us and showed us the baby, but only for a few short minutes. We did get see the little one kick a few times though and we left with some new pictures.

babyfacemfm This is the best shot we got. Hello, Baby…um…Skeletor? ♥

Then she got up to leave and said that the doctor would be in to do some additional scanning.

That freaked me out. It always seems like the doctor gets called in when there is bad news.

Matt picked up on it too. As soon as the tech left the room, he said, “What’s wrong? Why is the doctor going to scan you again?”

I was actually pleasantly surprised by his concern. I get annoyed with him sometimes because he’s never all that concerned. About anything.

We’re kind of like Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann in Knocked Up. I’m worried about mercury and pedophiles and he thinks I’m just a neurotic who watches too much Dateline.

Seriously, it’s exactly like that.

Anyways, back to today’s ultrasound.

I reassured Matt (and myself) that when we had done our fetal echocardiograms with both of the boys, the doctor had always done some additional screening, and everything was fine then.

It had to be a routine thing, I told him.

Thankfully, it was. The doctor said that the baby looked absolutely perfect and is measuring right on target to the day. She also mentioned that baby weighs 10 ounces!

In other great news, the tech and the doctor both confirmed the gender and it turns out, we are having….


I should have known! The Intelligender test (and my husband…gasp!) turned out to be right. Who would have thought?!

And even though I didn’t get my dos equis this time around, I am still just as happy.

My reign as the only princess in this palace continues on…

…at least for now.

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