My Love/Hate Relationship with the Gap

I was afraid of shopping for maternity jeans. Very afraid.

When I was pregnant with Kamryn, I bought a pair of regular size 6 jeans (I’m normally a size 0/1) and I swam in them. I also bought a pair of black stretchy maternity pants (aka. huge fat lady slacks) and I swam in those too.

Those pants went to the Goodwill immediately after his birth.

When I was pregnant with Bronx, I got big during the spring and summer months, so I ended up wearing shorts and never needed to buy any maternity clothing. I also only gained 19 pounds with him, so I just went up a short size at Hollister. The sales girl there may have given me a few dirty looks.

But now, I need jeans. And I was terrified that the only things that I would find with an elastic waist would look like this:

materjeansUgh. Even David Copperfield has a name for pants like this. He refers to them as the “Roseanne Barr Fantasy Slacks”.

There was no way that I was going to subject myself to that kind of fashion nightmare.

So I searched desperately online for jeans that had a short inseam (Remember people, I am only 4’11”) and normal size legs.

I finally stumbled upon

I found jeans - “demi panel sexy boot cut” maternity jeans with a 29” inseam.

Hallelujah! I had just found the Holy Grail of maternity pants.


I ordered two pairs in two different washes and used an awesome coupon code to get both pairs for just a little bit more than the original price of one. (Coupon codes are so awesome).

The pants arrived five days later and I was so excited to try them on. I tried on the lighter wash first and they fit perfectly. I almost didn’t even bother trying on the other pair. They were the same exact style, same exact size, just darker. They had to fit exactly the same, right?


The darker wash was at least an inch longer in length and they were way baggier in the butt and crotch.

I immediately called Gap and asked if I could send the darker wash back and exchange it for another pair of the lighter ones.

As my luck would have it, the lighter wash was out of stock in my size and the representative could not tell me if they would be getting any more in stock anytime soon.

The rep said that she would do some sort of check, a “brand inquiry”, and that I would get an email on Monday letting me know if the jeans would get restocked.

Monday came, no email.

I called the Gap again and another rep told me that she couldn’t pull up any information about whether or not there would be anymore of the “fabulous jeans”. She also couldn’t tell me when I would be getting the email.

This is where my problems with the Gap started.

Both of the customer service representatives I spoke with were super nice, but they couldn’t tell me anything (Except what kind of pants they wore when they were pregnant and how old their kids are and yada, yada, yada). I was getting a little frustrated because Gap has a 45-day time limit on returns from the date of purchase, and one of the reps told me that if they did restock my “magical pants” it could take up to 30 days, and that wasn’t counting how long it would take for me to find out if they were getting restocked in the first place.

Then I was informed that because I was exchanging one wash for another, I would probably be charged the difference between the original price for the light wash I wanted and the actual price I paid for the darker wash. However, when I ordered both pairs I paid the same discounted price for both washes. That seemed really ridiculous.

After my second phone call and still no email updates, I just gave up. I threw the darker pair in the wash and shrunk them.

They now fit a little more like the lighter wash. Sort of.

The email from Gap came shortly thereafter.

It read:

“Thank you for your interest in  Recently you contacted us with a question that required additional research.  We were able to learn the following:

Unfortunately, the Demi panel sexy boot jeans (faded medium wash) will not be replenished on our site. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause. As a fashion retailer, we continually strive to create new
designs and, as a result, our collections are constantly changing. We frequently bring popular products back, so we will be sure to share with our merchandising team your desire to see this product in the future.”

Thanks for the disappointment, Gap.

(P.S. Last chance to vote on what you think the sex of baby #3 will be! 22 hours left until the big u/s! Yikes!)

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