Little Heartbeats ♥

I was really excited yesterday when I went out to my mailbox and saw that this had arrived.

dopplerI now have a new best friend.

Although, my husband kind of wants to kill me now.

I may have ordered it after he told me not to.

Perhaps I should explain. When I found out that I could buy a medical-quality Doppler to listen to the baby’s heartbeat at home (and for an unbelievably low price), I knew that I would have to get one. In fact, I started wondering why I didn’t already have one, considering that I tend to indulge in an uncontrollable amount of retail therapy when I’m carrying a bun in the oven.

I told Matt that I really, really wanted to order one. He pointed out that we really, really didn’t need a Doppler. (He’s frugal, so he is ALWAYS giving me the “want vs. need” lecture.) They have one at the doctor’s office, he argued, and we already pay to use that one there. And then he brought up the fact that we have this collecting dust in the bedroom closet:

bebe sounds

Ah, the Bebe Sounds Prenatal Heart Listener. Or as I like to call it, A Total Piece of Crap.

But don’t tell that to the unsuspecting couple that I unload this on at my next garage sale.

The difference between this and the Doppler is that the Doppler actually works. The Bebe Sounds thing is a bad microphone that makes a lot of noise and there’s never a discernable heart tone.

If I had known about the Doppler four years ago, I never would have bought the Bebe Sounds garbage.

So, even after hubby told me not to, I still bought the Doppler.

When I told him, he was less than thrilled. Actually, he was pretty mad.

He’ll get over it.

And I can listen to the sound of our little one’s heart to pass the time until he does.

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