Team . . . . ?

I have been trying for the past few months to figure out the sex of this new baby.

So far, here is how the guessing games have been going:

•Hubby swears it’s a boy. He says that he has accepted our fate, and like his parents, we will only have boys. (He’s 1 of 4 boys in his family). Hubby also predicted that our last two children would be girls, and they weren’t. Hubby is always wrong.

•My grandmother says that it is a girl. She predicted both the boys would be boys and she has only been wrong once in her entire life (as far as guessing babies’ gender). She thought my mom was having a boy and a girl when she had my twin sisters and they ended up both being girls. Other than that, she has always been right.

•The Chinese Birth Calendar predicts that it is a girl. The calendar was right about my first son but wrong for my second son. Up to this point, it’s been about 50% accurate. Hold on…I think I have a coin somewhere around here that we can toss.

•The baby’s heartbeat was 150 at our last visit. Apparently, anything over 140 is a girl and anything under is a boy. This actually worked for my first pregnancy. The first time my doctor listened to his heartbeat with the Doppler, he said “It sounds like a boy”, and he was right. Bronx had a heart rate of 144 bpm when I was 22 weeks, but that was during an E.R. visit when I was having contractions and complications from a low-lying placenta. I’m thinking the contractions could have caused him to have a more rapid heart rate than he normally would have, which means his normal rate may have been lower than 140 bpm. Hmm…

•The nurse at my first OB visit this time around says that she thinks we are having a girl. She told me that for people who have two of one sex, the third is different about half the time. She said she is pretty confident that we will be in that lucky half. She also said that she has been right an awful lot lately.

•I am still on the fence. I really have no idea what the baby will be. Some things are different this time around, though. I have had food aversions with this pregnancy, something I never had with the boys. I also have determined that according to the Shuttles method, our timeline for conception is actually consistent with producing a girl . Both of the boys were conceived on the day of ovulation using a fertility monitor, so the Shuttles method was true with them.

I’m not even bothering with the other old wives’ tales this time around. How is they way you pick up a coffee mug really indicative of the sex of your unborn baby? They just don’t make any sense.

So, so far…the possibility of a girl seems to be winning out. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I’m putting up a poll (Look on the top of my right sidebar) to see what you think.

Are we getting another prince or our first princess?

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