Sticking point.

Our last doctor’s appointment didn’t go exactly as I thought it would.

Everything was smooth sailing at first, we listened to the baby’s heartbeat. A perfect 150 bpms. I found out that I only gained a single pound in the entire 1st trimester. Things were going great.

And then the doctor started asking about Bronx’s premature delivery.

I’ve only seen this doctor once before, and it was when I was pregnant with Bronx. The practice that I go to has several doctors and there are two that I am really familiar with (the ones that delivered my sons) and they see me most of the time.

But about once per pregnancy, I have an appointment with Piper Perabo’s doppelganger.

The conversation took an unexpected turn when she started talking about the pre-term labor issue and the next thing I know she was telling me that she wanted to start me on progesterone injections starting around 20 weeks.

I am not opposed to injections. I had gestational diabetes last time around and I was insulin dependent, so needles and I are not strangers. But, this is something that makes me super uneasy.

A tiny bit of it may be that I am nervous about the injections making me overdue.

Then I start thinking about how hard it was to watch Bronx struggle to breathe in that little plastic tent and how sad I felt not being able to hold him and how scared I was not knowing what would happen…and I know that if the injections could prevent all of that it would be worth it.

I think I am more uncomfortable about the fact that it seems like such a drastic step. I was really expecting to just be monitored closely and to maybe have a fetal fibronectin test before 35 weeks to see if I was at risk for another early labor. I had no idea that 20 weeks worth of extra hormones might be in my future.

And that is a little scary. Progesterone and I do not get along. At all. In fact, progesterone’s main goal in my life (besides aiding in the baby-making process) is to make me as miserable as humanly possible.

I really want to try holding off, if that is at all possible.

Something just doesn’t feel right about it.

I know, I’m probably talking crazy.

The upside to all of this is that I may be getting some extra ultrasounds towards the end of the pregnancy to monitor the baby’s growth because Bronx was (and still is) so incredibly tiny.

I’m actually excited about that part. Extra peeks at the baby are always nice.

We got another one when we did our NT screening last week, and the baby was bouncing all over the place and looking right at us. She should have probably printed a picture then, but the ultrasound tech had to shake my belly to get the baby to turn so she could get the measurements of the back of the neck, so when she got around to actually printing out the pictures we got some nice shots of the baby…just from behind.


Still beautiful, though.

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