IntelliGender Test Results!

The wait to find out this baby’s gender has been driving me crazy!

Thankfully, IntelliGender was nice enough to send me one of their Gender Prediction Tests to help me pass the time between now and that highly-anticipated 20 week ultrasound.

They also sent me a bottle of elasti-oil from their IntelliCeuticals line of natural remedies for moms and babies.

And just look at how the package arrived. So adorable! They even sent a tiny elephant for baby!

 copyright-suburban princess diariescopyright-suburban princess diaries I had to wait until the next morning to use the Gender Prediction Test because it requires the use of first morning urine for the best results, but I tried the elasti-oil the same day I got it. I have no idea if it will actually keep those dreaded stretch marks away (here’s hoping!), but I already like it better than that blah cocoa butter lotion. The elasti-oil is a therapeutic, aromatherapy massage oil. I heated the bottle in hot water according to the instructions, so the oil was warm and silky when I applied it and it smells like an absolute dream.

I did the Gender Prediction Test the next morning. The test can be taken as early as 10 weeks into a pregnancy, and I was at 15 weeks when I took it.

The test was easy to use and being the POAS queen that I am, I loved the opportunity to once again crate a makeshift science lab in my bathroom.

So, according to the IntelliGender test, I am having a…

copyright-suburban princess diaries

Another boy?! Oh, say it isn’t so!

According to IntelliGender, the test is 82% accurate. We still have another month to go before we find out if the test has predicted correctly. We will have to wait and see…

In the meantime, the test has made the wait for the big ultrasound much more interesting. It was an exciting experience to have during the pregnancy.

And it is a lot more fun than that stupid needle-on-a-string test.

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