Expect Delays

I have some updates.

I finally did get that parking permit and it not only allows me to park in the student lots, it also gives me free reign over any and all faculty spots. This is even better than the permit I had when I was actually attending classes there. The $10 and all that hassle over a ticket was worth it considering how awesome I feel pulling my minivan into one of those sacred staff spaces.

It’s probably the same feeling that some people get when they “borrow” their grandma’s handicapped placard.

Or when you’re pregnant and you are lucky enough to find one of those “expectant mother” parking stalls.


I’m really going to take advantage of those this time around.

In other news, I am still feeling absolutely dreadful. The medication I am on isn’t working very well and it has some pretty nasty side effects. Unfortunately, I probably should have expected this based on previous experience. I had hyper emesis when I was pregnant with Bronx and I was on home nursing care. Just to give you an idea of how much fun that was, imagine trying to keep a climbing toddler off of your I.V. pole.

I’m hoping that I will start feeling better once I clear that first trimester hurdle.

Speaking of baby, we had our first ultrasound last week and the little seahorse (hey, that’s what it looks like to me and the hubs) is looking good.


And one more thing…that MTV show, you know, the one that people sometimes think I am from… it’s follow-up show, Teen Mom is coming back this month.

I watched the preview and I am so excited that someone finally punches Farrah in the face for me.

Wishes really do come true.

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