Tag! I’m so it.

Welcome to everyone who found their way here by way of the Tuesday Tag Along! Thanks for visiting!


If you are new to The Suburban Princess Diaries, I urge you to explore my world of happily ever after through these posts:

A Princess Pedigree – I did this one for a blog parade, but it should work just as well for a tag-a-long. I think I’ll just recycle it from now on for all future blog hopping events.

Meet the Suburban Princess – The standard “about me” post, made all the more obvious by the stellar (ahem) title.

And if you feel like getting cozy with my menu bar, you can check out momView, a section that I am beginning (and will continue) to fill with unbiased, honest-to-blog product reviews of everything I have ever bought or been given since my journey to motherhood began almost 4 years ago.

You can also click on the Ever After button in the menu bar, which will take you to a linked list of some of my more spectacular posts.

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And a big thanks to Mama Hen over at Mama’s Little Chick for giving me the Beautiful Blogger Award!

Award beautiful blogger

This award has some rules. I am supposed to list 7 things that the blogging world already doesn’t know about me.

1) I have really wanted this award for a long time. I think that means I just admitted to how big of a geek I really am.

2) I never drink enough water, and because of that I have been cursed with reoccurring bouts of kidney stones. Kidney stones really suck.

3) I accidentally swear in front of my kids, but for some unknown reason, I always catch my potty mouth before I swear in front of someone else’s kid. I’m still trying to figure out what’s up with that one.

4) Flight of the Navigator is the best family movie ever. I watched it a billion times as a kid and now I have passed the torch on to my 3 year-old son, who can’t get enough of it either. That spaceship is so bad ass.

5) I have been masterminding a huge surprise for my husband this weekend and I have a horrible time keeping secrets. This is absolute torture. Stay tuned…I will be doing a blog post about this one in the near future.

6) In addition to being an ex-journalist, I am also an ex-phlebotomist. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. You’ll be happy that you learned something new.

7) I am a chronic insomniac. Which is why I have a blog.

I am passing this award on to one of my favorite reads, Single Infertile Female: Now What?

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