Amazing Race.

Remember how I said I was going to do a 5K run?

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Well, I did it. I ran the Sunburst 5K at Notre Dame last weekend.

And even though I thought it would kill me, I think I did pretty freaking amazing. I clocked at 40:19, but that was with a Port-a-Potty stop (that I had to wait in line for) around mile one. According to my sister’s Nike + iPod clock…we actually did it in a little less than 37 minutes.

I proved to myself that I can get my groove back. Hell yeah.

The Sunburst run was especially awesome. At the end, you get to run through the tunnel at Notre Dame stadium and the finish line is on the football field. It is such a great way to end a race. I full-on sprinted it, because, much to my surprise, I am a seriously hardcore badass.

I LOVED running through that tunnel. I pretended that I was getting ready to play football and then I started wishing for an imaginary helmet and shoulder pads. I probably was a little delusional from the runner’s high at that point, but it was fun anyway.

And here I am (no longer in football mode) sprinting to the finish line after clearing the tunnel.

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After the race, I managed to get some great photos around the Notre Dame campus before the rain and storms hit.

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We took some post-race victory shots.

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We played baby football…

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…and celebrated like football legends.

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I paid homage to the one and only “Touchdown Jesus”.

copyright-suburban princess diaries And we did our best angry leprechaun stance.

Go Fighting Irish!

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