Fleeing the Cult.

I tried. I really did. But I just couldn’t fall in love with you. And now I’m just wishing that I could quit you. I wish I needed you, but I don’t. You are just a waste of my time.

I’m breaking up with you, Twitter.


I know my sister convinced me to give you a chance, even though all I have ever tried to do is avoid you. My blog followers swore that I would be addicted to you in no time. I was still skeptical, but I thought I’d give you a shot.

I hate that they had to be wrong.

I only feel bad that I have to abandon the 7 followers you gave me. I don’t like leaving collateral damage in the wake of our separation. I also don’t like doing dishes or laundry, but necessary evils are just that. Necessary.

Hopefully, your home page will never find it’s way onto my internet browser ever again… but I’m terrible at making a clean break. So, I’m leaving my account up. I’d hate to lose my awesome username.

Still, I am over you. I won’t miss you. And I won’t write.

Go on and cry. I’m better off without you.

P.S. Tell my MySpace that he’s next on the chopping block.

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