Dos Equis

Something has really been racking my brain lately.

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Gender Selection.

And I feel a little guilty about it. With my first child, all I cared about was just getting a baby. When my second ended up being another boy, I was still just as happy as can be. But when we start trying for the next one, I have to admit that this time I have a preference.

I really would like to have a daughter.

I know that it’s a little silly. Honestly, I will love any child that we have, regardless of sex. Having a healthy baby is my top priority. Part of the reason that I feel guilty is because most of the blogs that I read deal with baby loss and infertility, two issues that I myself have dealt with first hand. In that world, it seems that being choosy is a ridiculous notion. I understand that completely.

But I’m not thrilled at the idea of having a football team. I am ready to change it up and throw a ballerina in there. Is it so wrong to want a little family balancing? Seriously, right now I am outnumbered 3 to 1. Being the complete girly-girl that I am (the blog design probably makes that blatantly obvious) I know that eventually I am going to burn out on superheroes and racecars. My femininity can only take so much.

We aren’t planning on adding to the family anytime soon, but I thought I could start doing some research now on how to sway the odds in favor of a girl. The Shettles Method was the first thing that came to mind, so I started there.

Turns out, the Shettles Method doesn’t seem as scientifically sound as I originally thought. If you aren’t familiar with the Shettles Method, it basically revolves around the idea that you can sway the odds by timing your intercourse before ovulation to conceive a girl and during ovulation to conceive a boy. The rationale here is the girl sperm (the ones with the X chromosome) are slower but live longer and boy sperm (the Y ones) are faster but die sooner. I used to think this whole theory made a lot of sense. Especially since both of my boys were conceived using a fertility monitor on ovulation day. I figured that it had to be our timing and I was really ready to jump on the Shettles bandwagon. Until I read a study in The New England Journal of Medicine that concluded the timing of intercourse in relation to ovulation has no real bearing on the sex of the child. Bam! Myth busted.

My surefire plan for finally getting a pink nursery was completely shot, so I started researching other options. There are all kinds of things to try, from diets to entire books guaranteeing that you can choose the sex of your baby. The problem is that there is so much out there and none of it comes with any sense of reliability whatsoever. The only thing that has made me feel any optimism is a statistical analysis I found showing how unlikely it is to have children all the same sex in a family of 3 or more kids. The more you have, the more likely it is that you will at least have one of each kind.

The strange thing is, I feel like if we just threw caution to the wind and didn’t keep track of anything or control any variables…then we would end up with a girl. But if that didn't work, I’d probably regret that we didn’t try something.

I am realistic about this. I know that nothing we could do at home would be foolproof and absolutely get us a girl. I just want to stack the odds in her favor. Anyone have any ideas or know of anything that has worked? I am completely open to suggestions.

I want a double x. A dos equis.

Until then, it’s Pok√©mon and Transformers for this princess.

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