Diaper Drama


While catching up on my daily current events, another baby-related red flag has caught my attention. Some parents have been reporting that the new Pampers diapers with Dry Max caused their children to suffer diaper rashes and chemical burns.

Guess who just loaded up the changing table with a big stack of brand new Pampers?

I’m concerned, but I’m not panicking, at least not yet. My sons have been wearing Pampers almost exclusively since birth (click here to read why) and have experienced no ill effects. The Dry Max version has already been covering their little baby booties for the past month and we haven’t noticed any problems. In fact, I’d almost be convinced that these “diaper rashes” that parents have complained about have been largely due to the parents themselves being a little less vigilant with diaper changes because the Dry Max technology is designed to take on a fuller load, so to speak.

Procter & Gamble, the company that manufactures Pampers, seems inclined to support my theory. And why wouldn’t they? It’s a solid stance to take on a possible impending PR nightmare. A spokesman for P&G’s baby care division, Bryan McCleary, said "There's no evidence that a single baby has experienced a serious skin safety issue as a result of Dry Max. Every day, about 2.5 million babies in the United States have diaper rash. About 10 percent of those cases are severe, with deep red coloring, blisters and/or breaks in the skin.”

Problem solved, right? It’s just diaper rash. A common skin irritation that could be attributed to anything, not just a different diaper design.

Not quite. There is still a phrase that has my mommy fear-factor on high alert. Chemical Burn.

I had no idea what something like that (allegedly caused by a diaper) would look like, so I went to the Facebook page: Pampers bring back the OLD CRUISERS/SWADDLERS. This page has been set up by parents who are claiming the Pampers Dry Max diapers have caused injuries to their children. You can click the link and check it out for yourself, but be warned. The photos are absolutely horrific. My children have had the occasional diaper rash, but it has never been even remotely in the same league as what is depicted in those pictures. And the ones that I would classify as chemical burns will make me cringe every time I change my sons’ diapers until the  U.S. Consumer and Product Safety Commission finishes their investigation.

I stand by what I said in my last post. Nothing is safe.

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