Welcome to the Royal Shenanigans


Thanks for visiting! (Especially those of you that have found yourselves here by way of the Ultimate Blog Party!)

If you are new to The Suburban Princess Diaries, I urge you to explore my world of happily ever after  through these posts:

A Princess Pedigree – I did this one for a blog parade, but it should work just as well for a party. I think I’ll just recycle it from now on for all future blog hopping events.

Meet the Suburban Princess – The standard “about me” post, made all the more obvious by the stellar (ahem) title.

And if you feel like getting cozy with my menu bar, you can check out momView, a section that I am beginning (and will continue) to fill with unbiased, honest-to-blog product reviews of everything I have ever bought or been given since my journey to motherhood began almost 4 years ago.

In addition, if you're into product-related ramblings, you may also want to read about the scary world of recalls as described in my previous post. It will make you question the safety of almost everything you have ever bought. Especially if you have a child.

If you like anything that you see…feel free to grab my button or click the “follow me” sneakers in the lower left sidebar. I’ll stalk you if you stalk me.

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