A Walk to Remember.

Today our family walked in our first ever March of Dimes March for Babies. This walk was especially important because we did it in celebration of our premature son, Bronx, who survived respiratory distress syndrome.

IMG_3747 Click here to read his story, or click the baby photo on my right sidebar (A Bronx Tale) to watch his video.

I have been organizing my team and collecting donations for this event since December, so I was really excited that the big day was finally here! And after all the months of hard work, our team has managed to raise $889! That is enough to provide some of the same lifesaving respiratory treatments that Bronx received in the hospital to three other premature babies. I am so proud that we were able to contribute so much to this wonderful organization. Again, a BIG thank you goes out to all our sponsors and walkers for making this amazing day possible. IMG_4570Bronx team pix (1) copy-1

IMG_4557 Checking in Team Bronx

IMG_4561My sisters – walking for their nephew! 

We were expecting a downpour,  so we brought umbrellas. Luckily, we only had a slight mist around kickoff time and the rest of the walk remained rain-free (although, the drizzle did make some of my pictures a little foggy).

 BRonx1babyb blogsafepenn  Bronx’s pennant on the MOD Field of Hope

DSCN1915Ready to stroll… 

IMG_4563Kamryn – ready for a… safari? 

IMG_4596 Lee (Bronx’s uncle) showing off the Team Bronx tees.

IMG_4607 Beginning our march…IMG_4611

IMG_4642 Rickety old bridges make me nervous…

CIMG1612    CIMG1599 CIMG1600 CIMG1607 CIMG1610

Mile 3 was supposed to be a big deal, because it was supposed to be a 3.7 mile walk. Then we passed a Mile 4 marker, and then we walked another half a mile. Someone got their math wrong…and I got extra exercise.



CIMG1616Ah, the Mile 4 Marker. Someone lied. IMG_4624


 My husband and I, walking for our son.

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