A Princess Pedigree

As an (openly obvious, somewhat desperate, but admittedly fun) attempt to attract more readers to this blog that I lovingly slave over in my passion as a writer/ex-journalist, I have joined dear Abigail's Blog Parade. I know I am a little late getting my post up about this, and no offense to the questions provided, but Q & A isn't really my style. I decided to do the alternative, and just randomly babble a little about me ~ The Suburban Princess.

  • I started this blog almost a year ago to create a little online journal of sorts about my last, somewhat turbulent pregnancy. It has slowly taken on a life of it's own and evolved into so much more.

  • I am a stay-at-home mom to two boys, ages 2 and 6 months. And I still have baby fever. Apparently, someone forgot to give my ovaries a cold washcloth and some Tylenol.

  • I really was a journalist, way back when. I always knew that what I really wanted was to be a freelance author, but a journalism degree and newspaper job seemed like the more practical route. The before-mentioned degree now sits on the shelf collecting dust while my student loans rack up intrest like Tiger Woods racks up potential mistresses. (Oh, woops. Too soon?)

  • I have an obsession with Phil Collins that dates back 26 years. And I will never apologize for it. If you ever get stuck riding somewhere with me in my "not-even-close to a soccer mom" van, expect that you will have to hear a Phil or Genesis tune at some point during the ride. And deal with it.

  • I was once scouted by a Disney employee to become a "Tinkerbell" at the theme park in Orlando. My fear of heights prevented me from exploring that career option any further.

  • Finally, while we're on the topic of mouse ears, I'd like to add that my husband and I went to Disney World on our honeymoon. It really is The Happiest Place on Earth. No lie.
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