Meet the Suburban Princess.


am short and blonde, and after years of being teased for my lack of height, I finally proved that I am not a “midget”. To view the research, click here.

Ironically, even though I am not a little person, I have two sons and a daughter who have been diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism.
I am a wife to a (self-proclaimed) comic book geek and a stay-at-home mom to three boys and one girl. All born within four and a half years.

And none of them are multiples.

Absolute chaos, I tell you.

I am a neat freak, but my children have blown any chance I have of having my house featured in Better Homes and Gardens. I am slowly overcoming the anxiety associated with this realization.
I love writing, photography and graphic design. I created this entire blog myself and after endless nights of HTML coding and several migraines, I think it has really paid off.
I have a degree in journalism, but the only career I ever had was the 7+ years that I worked as a cartographer. I slaved over maps until right before I gave birth to my second child and I am glad that I finally gave it up. (Although I have to admit, I miss how quiet the office used to be.)
My days now consist of changing diapers, doing laundry, going to the gym and trying to stay on the hubby’s good side. And every once in awhile, I give up an hour of sleep and stay up late to write on this blog.
(Oh, and I’m also a die-hard Phil Collins fan.)
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