I'm special...and organized.

It was probably obvious, but I was in a bad mood when I sat down to write my last post. (I'm pretty dangerous with a keyboard when I'm angry). So, today it's time to get back to the happy. First, I'm proud to annouce that I have received my first BLOG AWARD ever thanks to my blogger buddy, Brittany @ Not Your Average Teen.

Here's how the Sunshine Award works:

** Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
** Pass the word to your nominated fellow bloggers.
** Link the nominees within your post.
** Link the person from whom you received this award.

Okay, so now let me share the bloggy love:

Ashley      @  Nolan's Story
Katy         @  K-K-K-Katy
"Lolli"       @  Lollipop & Pearls
Cath1990  @ The Here And The Now

In other news, things here have been awfully busy. I have been "spring" cleaning my basement and I had every intention of posting about it so I could inspire others to tackle their clutter. But, I forgot to take a "before" picture. Without that, the aftermath isn't quite as impressive. And, it's still not completely finished.  So, I am going to use my artistic license here and throw in a substitute "before" photo so you can get the general idea:

Yep, it was kind of like that. Except, if you turned on the lights, you'd think you were in an episode of
A&E's Hoarders

Now, for the after pictures:

I went label-making crazy. And I love it.

I should probably get off the computer now, and get back to organizing the rest of the mess that's left down in that dungeon. By the way, kudos to my amazing mother for coming in from out of town to help me with that beast of a home-cleaning project.

It'd better stay clean. I'm never doing THAT again.
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